Truguard Waterproofing

Our Truguard Waterproofing exterior paints are specifically designed to help you address various waterproofing issues affecting roofs, walls, and exterior floor areas.
Waterproof Paints for Tough Exterior Jobs
The Truguard range consists of eight specialist products that protect against damp and leaks, making it easier than ever to tackle and prevent tricky problems such as damp stains and water ingress.
Trusted by the painting and decorating trade for generations, Leyland Trade paints offer quality, performance, and durability. Browse the full Truguard Waterproofing range below to find out how each product can help you deliver lasting protection as well as stunning finishes.

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Truguard Repair Membrane

A polyester fibre membrane to pack and repair large cracks, fractures, and breaks in joints and connections . Use it in conjunction with Truguard Roof Repair and Truguard Waterproofer to provide a waterproof seal solution.

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Truguard Repair & Waterproofer

A weatherproofing solution that is ideal for roof repair and general roof maintenance. The flexible and crack-resistant coating is based on high-tech resin that creates a tough, water-resistant seal. You can use it on its own to repair small cracks and minor vulnerabilities.

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Truguard Ready Mixed Crack Repair

A thick, flexible resin-based coating that is designed for maintenance, repair, and waterproofing of all roof surfaces. Also suitable for use on ridges, edges, channels, chimney stacks, parapets, and flashing surfaces, whether they’re made from cement, concrete, fibre cement, tile, slate, or zinc.

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Truguard Roof Repair Tape

A self-adhesive bandage to seal and repair large cracks, fractures, and breaks in joints and connections . Suitable for use on many surfaces, including tiles, metal, aluminium, asphalt, concrete, plastic, wood, gutters, conservatories, greenhouses, and canopies.

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Truguard Brushable Bitumen

A corrosive-resisting, waterproofing paint that is formulated for exterior use on a variety of surfaces – including metal, stone, and concrete. The resulting finish will also be resistant to dilute acids and alkalis.

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Truguard Stabilising Damp Treatment

A dual-purpose, clear stabilising solution and pre-treatment for interior and exterior damp or wet walls – for use before painting or wallpapering. The treatment will also prevent the formation of unsightly white salt-deposits (AKA efflorescence).

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Truguard Exterior Waterseal

A waterproofing treatment that contains effective moisture-resisting technology to protect porous walls against moisture and water-infiltration. The water-repellent yet breathable barrier protects against rain, damp, and frost – allowing it to also help prevent build-up of dirt.

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Truguard Path & Patio Seal

A waterproofing treatment that is strengthened with an oil-repelling agent to protect porous tiles and pavements. This deep-penetrating formulation creates a long-lasting barrier to protect against rain, damp, and frost, thereby preserving the natural aspect of the material.

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Truguard Emergency Stop Leak

A fibre-reinforced product that immediately forms a flexible waterproof coating to stop leaks from cracks and breaks. The coating can be used even in rainy conditions and can be applied in temperatures as low as -20°C.

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